Friday, February 13, 2009

Training Classes

Helloooooo :) Well, we've been having internet problems lately :S But looks like we are back in business! I couldn't wait to talk about Shadow's puppy training classes!!! It's going wonderfully. We've gone to 2 classes so far this week and Shadow has learnt so much such as sit, down, stay, leave-it. We are currently focusing on walking. Shadow PULLLLLLS. We need to get this under control haha. Good job Shadow girl!!

Cristy teaching us how to train Shadow

It worked!! Woot Woot

Adam and Shadow ~ Tug-of-war! LOL

**THIS JUST IN: I'm not having a senior moment, as I found the garage key!!!!! Mom, I did exactly what you said and it worked :) :) I was sooooo happy to have found that darn little key in the bottom of our closet between two pairs of boots.

Adam in the IceHogs booklet ~ Cute!

I'm very looking forward to Adam's game tonight. He hasn't played home in a few weeks. It will be fun :) Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good job Shadow!! Can't wait for the game tonight either. We'll be listening in for sure.
Love T & A

linda said...

Hi ,
Got a chance to listen a bit of the game when we came in last night from Halifax..
Way another one in the bag ...Keep them coming you guys good job.
Had a blast at the casino and very thankful than It is not addictive for me cause yesterday I did a lot of spending. But that's its... no more for a very long time. I'll stay for my 10.00 a visit whenever we go back.
Claudette was very surprised .
we all had a good day.
Good work |Angie said if you have a chance to see dog wisperer also . That's Ray's best show on tv.
Well gotta go clean up since i did nothing yesterday....Have a good day and this week could be interesting we hope keep you posted..xoxoxoxo
miss you very much...