Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A BIG catching up...

Three weeks in Rockford already and as time goes on, I am so thankful for this new adventure! In my sweet visit with my friends from Syracuse, I am beginning to see how our bonds are only getting stronger as they endure the distance. Who knew?! And the amazing new relationships I've formed here already. So many good things have come from this change, and I'd be a fool not to call them out and be thankful for them. Well, I'm sure there's more "ah-ha" moments to come on this subject as time goes on. It makes me think about my reaction to this huge change in our life. Yay! Of course I want New Brunswick and Rockford to be 10 minutes from each other and have my cake and eat it too. But alas, that's MY plan. :)

Our apartment complex in Rockford
Moving on... I spent the weekend in Chicago with my Rockford, or wait, they call themselves the RockVegas girls haha. It was such a great, wonderful, sweet time that went by all too quickly, as usual.
Big day in the Pineault household Friday. Bring on some more change, right?! Because we just haven't had enough! Haha. It's the official closing of our so-soon-to-be-house. We are thrilled!!!! It's just about here. Woot Woot!
I'm kicking booootay on training Shadow, it's keeping me very busy & coming along great... Thanks Angie for the awesome tips!! Keep them comin'.
Have you ever gone through a klutzy "phase?" Well, not that I'd give myself an award for gracefulness or anything, but I can usually navigate my world without too many mishaps or bruises. NOT SHADOW!! Geeze, I don't know what's gotten into her, but I definitely got an eyebrow raised. Whether she is falling while doing her "duty" (how does one achieve this!?), fully running into a door or coffee table?!!?, spilling her water on the floor with her big paw... (and the list goes ON), this past week has been full of awesome (read: funny/hilarious) moments in the life of Shadow. I think it's time to put a helmet on her head LOL.

Anyways, I've been sleeping soooo poorly the past few days. The kind of sleep where you almost reach the depth of the best sleep and then... Guess who?? Miss Shadow tossing, turning and crying. I think she's jealous when she looks over and see me sleeping like a baby. It's a mild cold. She has the sniffles poor girl. Being sick stinks. I woke put as a zombie this morning haha. But it's all good ;)
Adam is doing wonderful. He is currently on the homestretch of his 10 day roadtrip. He returns tomorrow and we can't wait!! RockVegas, has been sunny. Yes! Sunny for like 2 weeks now. Ahhhhhh...! Love it. Every now and then, I'm kind of taken by surprise by how much I really do love this little city (and wearing my sunglasses) LOL.

What else... We got to hang out with our friends Mr & Mrs Bales who live in Beula. Mr Bales was Adam's teacher. Mrs Bales and I spent the better part of 2 hours jabbing away, catching up and shopping, of course! It was really fun to hear about their life as a retired couple living in Northern Michigan. We also were fortunate to hang out with our Westbrook CT friends who came down to surprise Adam (Gotcha Babe!!). What good times. Thanks y'all for coming to visit us in Rockford :) :) :)

Well, just thought I'd share my big update with you... Good night (I hope hahahaha) xox

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!! It's been a while and I was going stir crazy...hehe. We are so happy for you guys for all the wonderful changes happening in your lives. Awesome news about the house....fingers crossed that everything gets done on time and you finally get your keys!! You'll have to keep me posted. I'm jealous of the CT crew that got to go visit...can't wait until you update the blog with "a visit from Aaron & Tracey" or "just got back from NB"...hehehe..someday soon hopefully!! Glad to hear that all is well and you guys are loving your new city. We all miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you guys...hopefully sooner rather than later!
Take care & talk soon!!
Love T & A