Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is my 1st post this month. Wow, it's been wayyyy to long since the last one. I can tell you that we are doing wonderful down here in Florida!! Sorry, I have no pictures for you tonight but soon. Adam and I have a challenge going on; Who will decorate the nicest guest bedroom LOL. Gotta have fun in life! I'm not gonna lie, I think he might win. He has such great ideas.

So, when we first walked into our home, one week ago yesterday (holy), we had forgotten just how much we loved it here! The community, our street, the details in our house and how big it actually was. Adam kept pointing and saying; "look, we have this.....and that....." haha! All I can say before I hit the sack is HOME SWEET HOME!!!


Jim and June said...

God bless your home. Say hello to "Ralph" the lizzard. ha, ha.

Tracey and Aaron said...

Can't wait to see it!! Aaron and I can be the judges...hehehe.
I'm sooooo excited about our trip, the days can't go by fast enough.
See you soon!