Monday, May 18, 2009

Florida in May!

This place is 10 minutes from our house. We hung out on this great beach in New Smyrna yesterday, even got to do some tide-pooling. Could it be any more beautiful here?!
~Our friends Sarah & Derek had their baby, and it was a sweet little girl!! Reese Deborah-lynn Mackenzie was born on May 1st, and is as perfect as can be. We are so happy and excited for you guys and we can't wait to meet Reese!
~I have two belated birthdays!!! Happy birthday to my aunt Anne-Louise. Hope you had a wonderful day and are enjoying your new home. Looking forward to seeing pictures! Also, happy birthday to my uncle Jules. We miss you guys lots and lots and can't wait for our next visit!! Love you guys xox
~Lots of exciting things lately. I'll admit, though, that my ability to relax and enjoy them has been inhibited by our eagerness to get our house ready!!! A little nutty-mcnutty. I will post pictures of our house very soon! Hang in there :) Today, we will attempt to get the rest of our curtains. And I'll be the one cartwheeling as it will be so wonderful to just have this project done!

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June & Jim said...

Seeing that entryway to the beach brought back our memories of it in March. Now you can go find the one off the south causeway which is very nice, too. Don't forget JB's Fish Camp restaurant while you are that way.