Sunday, January 18, 2009

T-Minus 5 Days!!!!!

Our soon-to-be home!
South Entrance

North Entrance

Golf House

Our last big step...hurry up and wait for our closing date in FIVE days!! We are so excited to make this our first home. To my husband, who has been spending a crazy amount of hours on the phone with banks, inspectors, our real-estate agent, insurance companies, etc... and I could go on THANK YOU so much muuuuah! It sure feels like this is more and more real. Hahahaha Hmmmm... Dangit, we're excited! The decisions to decorate are endless...Yay!! Home stretch on closing...can't wait to be in the house at the end of the season!
That's the latest on the house!!! Well we are about to pack up the hotel room and move to our new home.


linda said...

Ouf I'm tired just reading all this...........
When can we start making reservations?
Joke aside I am so so happy for you all.
You have found each other and that puppy hasen't got clue what kind of beautiful he landed in.
love mom-mil

Anonymous said...

Woohoo....the countdown is on!! I'm sooo happy for you guys! I agree with your mom, when can we start making reservations...hehehe
Hang in there, the time will fly by and soon you'll have the keys in your hands.
Love T & A