Saturday, January 17, 2009

From Rockford Illinois...

Hello y'all! Wow, I've been missing in action. I am feeling behind on my blogging :) I hope that this little update will give you a picture of what's been keeping us busy! So it's BEYOND cold here in Rockford! Ummm... are we still only January??? Living out here in this mid-sized city that's set on both banks of the Rock River in far northern Illinois has pretty much everything that Syracuse had to offer. Rockford is the third largest city in Illinois after Chicago and Aurora. We are currently in the hotel but we move tomorrow into our apartment!! Yay...

Last Saturday was great. Adam traveled all day and, yes, they had him on the ice in the 3rd periode ~ CrAzY. He loves his new team!! Get this; his best friend, who he played with in Ann Arbor Michigan (on Team USA), Jimmy Sharrow, got traded to this exact team in December... How unbelieveable is that?!?! They always talked about being on the same team again but what were the chances. Jimmy is a defense and was previously stationned in Winnipeg and played with the Manitoba Moose. Adam has been getting so much support from the fans. Above, a collage he received this week. Welcome Pineault #10!!!

The lady of the day on January 14th was my aunt Maurise!!! I would have loved to have had this post up much earlier, rather than three days post-birthday. But then, we've been so busy that I just didn't have a chance! Maurise I hope you had a wonderful 60th birthday. I miss you dearly and love you lots!!!

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you guys! Adam is definitely getting good reviews from the announcers...they are very happy to have him on their team from everything they say. Aaron thinks Mike Peck must have a "man-crush"..hehehe. Keep up the good work, just a matter of time before you're a scoring machine!! Congrats on the new puppy. Just seen the pic on facebook, she's adorable. Keep us posted and I expect to hear from you once you are all settled.
Love T & A