Monday, January 5, 2009

House News!

We spent the past few days looking at furniture. We got all the estimates back for the minor flaws that came up in our inspection. After submitting the inspection results to the bank, we got news today that they ACCEPTED to pay everything!!!! Yahoo... So things are getting lined up, we're good to go on the loan after taking full advantage of those great mortgage rates!! The final hurdle - closing (January 23rd)!!! Soon, we will line up contractors and jump right into fixing the garage floor. I know, I know, it's only the garage but take a look below...

Since our soon-to-be home was a model house, our garage was used as offices. We need to repair the crack running thru the garage floor & fill various holes. Then epoxy the garage floor with a gray color. The next job will be removing 3 cracked floor tiles in the foyer and a few other little things (i.e. replace broken sprinkler heads). So again, nothing major but every cent counts ;)

Lastly, how exactly do you take care for a palm tree?!?! As I read up on it, I found out that its branches are a symbol of victory. Interesting! Ciao, for now.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome news about the bank!!! January 23rd is just around the corner, it's becoming real...woohoo! Oh, and special Thanks to your victorious palm tree branches...Canada juniors won Gold!!!
Love T & A