Saturday, January 10, 2009

A glimpse of life

I can tell you exactly what I was doing 2 years ago today!!! I was getting on a plane myself to Syracuse, NY. Yes, it was my official move on this same day (January 10th, 2007). Then, it was the end of visiting and/or long distance with Adam :) The above picture was taken with my friend Michelle at the Moncton airport...the only pic I could dig up tonight. So, today....not just one milestone but two!! Thank you for all the kind words of support as we start this next little chapter of hockey life.


linda said...

I took that picture half sad and half happy.
You have made a good choice and glad to see you two very happy.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
I will never forget that day. I was soooo happy for you yet still cried the whole way home since I knew I wouldn't be seeing you very often. :-( Still, very good choice you made and we are very happy & excited for the both of you. Still miss you tons and look for new blogs everyday!! Hopefully I'll get to see you soon. xoxo