Sunday, December 19, 2010

Strollers & Bicycles

You may find that my post title today is a little weird but that's all I've been seeing around town. I love how the weather doesn't "faze" this community in Czech Republic. You will see people walking their babies all year round. I do have to point out that I've been seeing amazing wheels out-and-about. Popular styles are Stokke & Bumbleride. I mean these baby carriages are surely designed to take on some serious cobblestone roads along with frigid weather.

Now for the bicycle part.. This is absolutely worthy of being remarked because riding your bicycle in North America during the winter is totally uncommon. At first, I didn't expect to see anyone riding their bikes at all yet I've noticed a large amount of people on their wheels. Great talent or what?! Actually, the hubs said that he saw a few flips last year ~ Eeeek!

Stunned and in shock, I had to capture it on camera (yup, I'm a nut like that - haha!). Anyhooo, I love how this little city doesn't plan around wind, rain or snow. They will not put off any type of activity. They just live life!!


Michaela said...

That's how we do it ;)

CMD said...

That's exactly how it is here! Definitely different from the States (in a good way!). It's not uncommon for people here to leave their stroller (baby and all) outside of a shop while they run inside quick... even in the dead of winter! We're in a big city too. You'd be arrested for that at home! haha.

Same thing with bikes- I've seen many people riding them through 6+ inches of fresh snow during a snowstorm. I'm due to see a good wipeout any day now. They're nuts! But, life must go on.. snow or no snow, right?! :)

The Conway's said...

Oh my goodness...I think the strollers are so cute being pushed in the snow but the bikes just look a little dangerous.
:) I love how you were playing paparazzi and taking pictures!

Indian Sarees said...

Awesome it..

Hockey Wife said...

Aw ... this post makes me miss Europe. I brought our BOB Revolution stroller to Italy and Germany - it's a little bulky but super slick and it was great in any terrain! I love stroller-watching in Europe though, they are so sleek and elegant!