Saturday, December 4, 2010

Show us your entry way

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner to show you our entry way. Our house was a model home before we bought it. I love how the designer "dressed up" the entrance. Once we return home after this hockey season, it's actually a place in our house that I want to put some focus on. I want to paint it, find nice pictures, get a carpet and make it cozy! Come on in...

You can find all kinds of things in our entrance.. The hubs and our friend's boys playing hockey!

You can usually find Shadow around the door. She knows that's where all the traffic comes from and she doesn't want to miss anything ! {my gf Tracey in pink :)}

Okay so now that I've showed you our primary residence entry way. Let me show you our apt entrance in Czech Republic. We are living here for the hockey season. I miss my home! BIG TIME!!

The hubs & Shadow down there!
Well, that was today's tour. Hope you enjoyed it!


LindseyLove said...

Love it! I just realized you got married on my bday.. what a special day : )

Christina said...

Hey there....I got your comment, and now i am following your blog! Crazy you live out of the country...But reside in Florida, where at?/ my husband owns a business in West Palm Beach, and travels there about 1-2x a month...We made a huge choice to live the slower life, and at times it is TOUGH! I miss my comforts of home, and am continually searching to find new ones here! it is all an adjustment!!
Have a fabulous day!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love the decorations around the door!

Monique said...

@Lindsey, what an awesome birthday you have ;)

@Christina, so nice to read your lovely blog. Yes, it's total craziness that we are an ocean away from home. I can relate to the "how tough" it is to find similarities in a different setting. I have no doubt that you will roll with your new home :)

@Crazy Shenanigans, thank you!

Mon Style du Jour said...

Your entry ways are both nice! Remember to bring a few things from Czech to Florida. Someday you'll reminisce about living there and you'll be happy to have them. Even if the memories last forever! Love you Nik! Can't wait to see you next! xox

Rianne said...

Love your decos, the entry is very welcoming=)

MFuglseth said...

Love your entry way! Very pretty!