Saturday, December 11, 2010

My birthday!!

'Tis the season for my birthday! Actually, it was yesterday the 10th. The hubs and I went to the hospital for his knee which I will blog about tomorrow. Then, we went to the immigration office at the airport which I will also blog about later. We went to a few restaurants around town who couldn't take us because we didn't have reservations. Finally, we found this restaurant underground and it turned out to be great!!

Dear Diary, this is my birthday shot :)

A walk in the square to find a huge xmas tree all aglow. Just gorgeous!
Where to even begin?! These past months have been challenging living in another country. I've struggled with stuff that I never thought (in a million years) would even come close to frustrate me.. I couldn't wait to master the new way of life here. I wanted to accomplish so many tasks, that in Florida were easy for me to scratch off my list, but here were difficult/frustrating/failures. Along my side, my very helpful and patient husband. He's been my "calming pill" haha! and has been understanding to my adjustment. Doting husband to the rescue! I love this guy so much...!
The famous arm shot. I totally cut off the tree below - oups!

Now for the birthday goodness comin'atcha... My bday cake! At first, we thought that it was a strawberry cheesecake but nope. It turned out to be a strawberry shortcake which is fine with me :)

Well, that's my birthday post folks. How amazing to be able to spend it with Adam this year.
Absolutely wonderful!!!


linda said...

you guys look great.Happy to see you. Very glad you had a nice birthday. Adam's knee hope he's allright. sengding hugs and kisses your way.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday You brave lady!

Petra CZ

Christina said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! While I am not in a foreign country...I too have had some Big changes...Really in the end, they make us who we become, good bad or indifferent, EVERYTHING happens for a reason.... My B-day is in a few weeks as well, I am sure I have quite a few years on you though!!
Enjoy It..Make some memories!!

J and A said...

Happy Birthday girl! Hope Adam and shadow spoiled you! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Glad you had a wonderful Birthday!

Megan said...

Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a great night celebrating!

Monique said...

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes ~ so sweet!!

KY said...

Hi! Just found your blog and I must say I love it - I too am in Europe with my (future) hubby for hockey..we are over in Germany this year and I am keeping a blog with all of my adventures/adjustments/failures! too -- @

Looking forward to connecting with you :)

chelsea said...

love the pics! Happy Birthday!!

The Wife said...

Happy happy birthday!

Jen said...

You look fab, girl! Happy Happy Birthday!

Freja said...

Happy birthday! (a little late) Hopa you had a great birthday!


Lady Sophia's Lover said...

Lo meo servente core

Lo meo servente core
vi raccomandi Amor, [che] vi l’ha dato,
e Merzè d’altro lato
di me vi rechi alcuna rimembranza;
ché del vostro valore
avanti ch’io mi sia guari allungato,
mi tien già confortato
di ritornar la mia dolce speranza.
Deo, quanto fie poca addimoranza,
secondo il mio parvente! 10
ché mi volge sovente
la mente per mirar vostra sembianza:
per che ne lo meo gire e addimorando,
gentil mia donna, a voi mi raccomando

oh baby wonderful!!! Thanks.

Laura said...

so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!! :) You look great!! :) Keep smiling, and keep trucking! It will get better!

The Conway's said...

Happy Birthday!
Love the beautiful tree!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Girl!
Can't wait to see you!!!