Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Market

I got to quickly experience the local Christmas market in the Pardubice square. I hopped from one stall to another in the cold COLD weather ~ us girls we just gotta browse ;) There was all kinds of Holiday items, crafts, Christmas decorations, gifts and traditional goodies sold along with hot wine! T'was a very festive atmosphere.

The hubs and I playing around with this ornament which reminded me of the huge steel ball in Chicago.

Shadow got really upset when she saw this wooden dog sitting in the manger...

It's so different spending Christmas in another country. I'm really missing my personal rituals...!
Here are a few:
->Sending my Holiday cards (here)
->Cooking/my oven
->Yummy Holiday coffee (here) & my favorite candy cane tea (here)
->Reading a Holiday book (here)
->Christmas parties with friends/the hub's team
I did however manage to fit a few in this year.
->I'm with my HUSBAND!!!!!
->I've watched 9 Christmas movies so far and I still have 3 on my DVR!
->I decorated our apartment
The thing that we miss the MOST is being able to spend the Holidays with family & friends. Also, we're most thankful for our health & happiness!!
On that note, have a great week everyone :)


Mrs K said...

Cute pics from the market! I wish you a Merry Christamas!

KY said...

That picture you took with the ornament is neat, I love it! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The Christmas markets look like fun!

Mon Style du Jour said...

Merry Christmas Monique! We should plan a Skype date between Christmas and New Year's! I'll send you a message on FB about it! xox

Mon Style du Jour said...

Merry Christmas! We should plan a Skype date for between Christmas and New Year's! I'll send you a message about it on FB! Missing you! xox

Hockey Wife said...

I love all the Christmas market posts people have written! It makes me miss Europe but it also reminds me of how fortunate we were to experience life abroad. Fingers cross that we can find our way back! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.