Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My walks with Shadow make me explore so many parts of Pardubice! This area is what I call "our shortcut" haha. It has a store, Batavia, which I was always so curious to explore. I brought another hockey wife along for sampling of essential oils!! I'm thankful I didn't go alone because everything in the store was Czech including the scents and sales associate. On top of that, it was more fun!!

This is the store.

We sampled so many different bottles it's crazy. Essential oils are great and useful for all kinds of things including calming your pet!! HA! I started my obsession for essential oils a while back while listening to Padma Lakshmi (love her) talk about it. The rest is history...

So, here is how I use them...!
~Lavender; on your pillow or massage under your feet to calm yourself
~Lotus or the scent of your choice; for acne & wrinkles
~I love so many either alone or mixed together; on my wrist & chest
*Rose, Lotus, Orange, Tropical, Aqua, Lilly White, Grape, etc...
~Tea Tree; a few drops into boiling water for deep facial cleansing treatment (steam face)
~Eucalyptus; helps cough, cold, muscle & joint pain
~Citronella; mosquito repellent
Hope you enjoyed this post ~ Happy Wednesday!


linda said...

Hi Mon,
Like mother like daughter....I have about 10 or 12 different kind here also. i suppose ther are different ones there...Just love to check your blogs , so interesting. Miss you a lot and hope to see you this spring. Lovw Mom xoxoxxo

Artemis Clover: The real L.A. love story. said...

lavender is probably one of my favorite scents. i just found your blog and you are one pretty lady!

The Conway's said...

How fun!! Just the whole process of buying oils from a Czech store is awesome...thatnks for sharing!
I've never used oils--I'll have to try some out!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That looks like such a cute store!

Anonymous said...

Does citronella work against other insects? Like flies, spiders?

Petra CZ

Anonymous said...

Love the updates. Miss you tons!!!

Monique said...

Hi Mom! I knew you loved essential oils... That's why I got you a few bottles ;) Miss you tons also, you have no idea xox

Thanks Artemis Clover!! You have a lovely blog and beautiful pictures also.

The Conway's, let me know if you ever try it. Wanna know what you think!

Hi Petra! Yes, it does fight off mosquitos but not spiders, flies or noseems.

Monique said...

Miss you tons T!!!!

Anonymous said...

Useful info, thank You.

Petra CZ