Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Thought I'd put a little update, on here to let you know that the hubs and I are heading to New York City for a few days. Lots of great stuff is going on lately but I feel that I haven't gotten the time to blog about it. Will bring you up to speed upon our return.

Promise I'll be back soon!


J and A said...

Have fun! I so want to go there! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mrs. Pinneault,
we are Pardubice and Adam's fans from czech republic and we have a maybe wierd question. As You may know, now we have two Adams in team and we need to differ between them for cheering on matches, it could help if Adam has some suitable nickname. Do you know about something?

Petra and Lucie from czech republic.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a great time!

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linda said...

Very happy you guys had fun . What luck to be there at the same time as Jo.

Monique said...

We had a blast! Thanks y'all...!

Petra & Lucie, unfortunately, Adam does not have a nickname. I'm hoping we can keep it as is :)