Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weekend

We went to the beach and saw kitesurfing or kiteboarding?! lol!! These people were really good and knew what they were doing cuz it was windy. Well, at least I thought they knew what they were doing until we saw sharks....!
I tried to zoom in as much as possible to show you the sharks right after the wave. One dorsal fin is showing and the other shark is actually visible but under water, right in that wave. YIKES!So while we are watching these sharks swim around a few feet from the shore, we notice this lady (above) watching them also. Are you serious lady? She continued to swim closer towards them. Doesn't she know that they have oblique and serrated teeth that saws right through flesh?!
Looking at sharks and that lady in the water
Adam and his mom
The arm shot!

Now, it's coming Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Aaron & I just found and read the article...very cool!
Counting the days!
Love T