Monday, May 24, 2010

B-Day Sun-Day!


On Sunday, we went on Melissa & Ian's boat for Adam's bday. We headed to disappearing island which I spoke about in a previous blog. Just a hoot! The three-day Seaside Balloon Fest was going on and we got to see a bit of the entertainment by the WWII Warbirds... Check it out!

Our sweet little ride "Riley & Clayton"
Riley and I explored the island looking for small crabs. Our attempt was successful!!! We found several crabs. Those little critters were a bit scary if you ask me. But Riley loved it. She was so excited every time see saw her four legged friends.

Adam and Clay give two thumbs up!

The Dapuzzo's (Melissa's parents) tagged along for the fun day.

The florida water was gorgeous ~ this pretty shade of green. I'd never seen it this vibrant.

My birthday babe ♥

On our way home, Melis suggested a swim right in the middle of inlet harbor - swallow end of course! Those kiddos had no fear jumping right in. Loved spending this hot day watching them splash around.

Sun down on meeeeee!

When we first decided to live in Florida, Adam and I dreamt of summers on the beach, enjoying the water. But who knew we would meet such great friends!!! Thank you Smith & Dapuzzo family :)

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