Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our 1st Cruise

Adam and I are back from what was such an amazing 1st cruise! Three-night trip onboard the Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas. We made 2 stops in the Bahamas; Nassau and Coco Cay (private island of R.C.) which were so beautiful. I always imagined having problems not seeing landscape around but it was good.

Our cruise started with the shuttle launch!! It was only a few miles away and we had this unreal view of it taking off.
Okay, the boat is moving... Here we go!
This trip was so much fun and we are happy great friends came along!!!


Mon Style du Jour said...

I'm happy you had the best time! You look great and happy! xox

Monique said...

Thanks Jo!! It was so much fun. Didn't get seasick at all. Yay!