Saturday, January 9, 2010

Overdue & Long Holiday Post!

Well hellllllo there! I need to get myself in gear and get some Holiday pictures up here!! My last 2009 post was about my husband, so I want to start 2010 by writing about him also :)
Adam continues to amaze me with his dedication to perform well in Czech Republic. My hubby is pretty much sacrificing everything in his life to do this (bigger than we imagined) job, and I just want to praise him! While I miss him terribly, I am darn impressed with his accomplishments. Balance isn't really happening, but you know... for one hockey season, it's okay. It has to be! We are both so eager to get back into the swing of a normal routine... back into "our life". I don't think any of us thought we'd be living apart for months...!!! We keep rolling with it. I ♥ you Adam. Keep up the great work!! (Thank you for being YOU)

Now... A little catching up (with pictures!)
~We spent the 23rd with the Arble family. It was fun! Ray played guitar and we all sang along.~My mom & Ray traveled to visit me and stayed for a whole month :) It was so great to have them with me during the Holiday Season!! A Christmas evening picture (above) of them as we left to go to a dessert party. I brought a Skor square and mom made an ice cream sandwich square. Yummy!!

~Me, Trish, Kim & Melissa, Christmas night after eating several delicious desserts. So thankful to have found such great friends!
~Shadow's 1st Christmas!! One of my highlights on xmas was having Adam on Skype while I gave Shadow her Christmas gifts. Yes, she's a pretty spoiled girl ☺
~Shadow at the dog park on New Year's Eve. Last time this year big girl!!
~Dec 29th, nice dinner with the Dapuzzo's & Smith's!
~Dec 30th, Went to the Nascar experience... Dear brother, get down here so we can do this with you! Fun, Fun, Fun..
~Last but not least... Haaaappppy New Year! We did some dinning out on New Year's Eve. Nice & quiet with great people ;)

That about covers it for tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!!
Night :)

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Juliana said...

Love this post and all your pictures. My uncle had German Shepards for years and I LOVE them!!!!

I am a new follower. Pop on by to my blog and follow back if you would like. It is nice to "meet" you and I look forward to following your blog. ~Jewels at A Blonde Walks Into A Blog