Thursday, January 14, 2010

Magnitude of Destruction

Just finished watching the heartbreaking coverage of the earthquake on "AC360". Anderson Cooper has been doing a tremendous job reporting in Haiti. He is one of my favorite news anchor. The pictures on TV are horrific and I can't imagine what he is witnessing. To see the chaos devastation must be so hard. My heart goes out to the Haitian people. May all the divine goodness of the universe be cast upon these poor people... That they may recover somehow.

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Anonymous said...

He was one of my favorites too until I watched his report today...he's sitting there, only a few feet away from a group of people trying to lift rubble off of a little girl who has been trapped for 18 hours, giving a play by play count of what they are doing, showing her foot sticking out, etc. Drop your freakin' microphone and help them out...I was so mad, I actually left the room! I know they are there to report what happened but that was too much for me. Miss you tons and hope to see you soon!
Love T