Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes

Last night, I watched the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. Mother Nature decided to play spoilsport as a steady rain dampened red carpet parade. I'm sure it was not ideal for those actresses who had straightened their hair. Sandra Bullock, who won for Best Performance in The Blind Side (well deserved!), said she might end up looking like Chia Pet if she got any wetter LOL!!! That's her husband behind her making sure she stays dry.
"Avatar" and "The Hangover" took the 2 biggest prizes at the ceremonies. I was suppose to go see Avatar on Saturday but it's a 3D film. Can't do 3D because I will get nauseous haha! I know I will. "Glee" won best TV musical comedy series. I've been hearing so much about it. Wonder if it's worth watching... Does anyone have feedback?


Juliana said...

SOOOO excited about Glee and Dexter! I think it is nice that it rained...some of those celebs need to realize that there are other things going on in the world than their business. I thought Jennifer Aniston looked amazing. I was not a huge fan of all the dresses that matched their skin though!

Monique said...

I totally agree with all the wedding look-a-like dresses! It was just to much :)