Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pursuit of riding waves

This morning, Adam and I drove along the coastline. We entered the surfer zone and parked on the beach. As mountains of water stacked upon the horizon, we saw surfers EVERYWHERE!!!!! Lo and behold, today was one of the best condition possible to satisfy their "wave riding addictions". These swells are produced by storms that are not even formed yet?!

The dark shapes in the aerial photo above are Blacktip and Spinner Sharks.

According to a database called the "International Shark Attack File", we live in shark attack capital of the world. So, you will NEVER see me swim out that far in shark territories. Any who, we enjoyed watching the surfers waiting, paddling and chasing one wave to the next.The only surfing you will catch us doing is surfing TV/internet LOL!


Ian & Jess said...

Gorgeous pics - No way would you see my lil behind in those waters though. I've seen enough shark week on the discovery channel.

Monique said...

Thanks! Exactly...We've been watching shark week also haha. Love it!