Monday, September 7, 2009

Beach, Boat and BBQ!

The Lighthouse

There was SO many people on Disappearing Island.

This is the ice cream boat!!

We had a great Labor Day Weekend!! Friday night was "Girlz Night-IN". In our comfy clothes, we got pampered with all kinds of fun things - mani, pedi, make-up, appetizers and margaritas. Good laughs and great conversations!!! We also had a good time with Melissa & Ian at the beach on Saturday. We played so much with their twins, swam and BBQ. Then we headed over to their house to watch College Football & eat some more ~ Nachos! And lastly, Adam was in "boating heaven" yesterday. We went out with Melissa & Ian to Disappearing Island. At high tide, this island is completely underwater. We spent the whole day on the beach...again! Yes, we have a crush on the shoreline! The boat ride there was so much fun and I did NOT get nauseous!!!! Woot! Woot!

Still can't believe how quickly summer has gone by?! We are about to re-enter the hockey season again, and I'm really excited about that! Anxious and darling husband is still waiting for a contract. I know that I will once again be awed by God's provision in our lives. I will keep you posted :)

Today, Adam and I spent the day relaxing :) I did a bit of housecleaning while Adam skated, so it was good! Well, there you have it folks... A re-cap of the P-No's Labor Day fun!! Have yourself a wonderful week.


Ian & Jess said...

I miss boating. It was always so much fun. Plus there are now ice cream boats. That rocks!

P.S. Good wave pic!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
Glad to hear you guys had a nice deserve it!! Looking forward to the updates as well & we have faith as well.
Love Tracey

Annie said...

an ice cream boat! how awesome!

glad you had a wonderful weekend...great pics!