Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Time

Can you believe this... Last Sunday, we noticed a flock of wild turkeys in our backyard. What a striking occurrence being it's Thanksgiving?!

It's Turkey Time!!! Thanksgiving dinner with a few of Adam's teammates. I've been cooking up a storm ~ Boudreau sisters, you'd be proud :) Last night was all about playing with new recipes. I decided on a pumpkin/walnut bread and pumpking chocolate chip muffins. They turned out awesome. The turkey has been in the oven for a while already now. I just love this Holiday! I am watching the Macy's parade while making chocolate macaroons and sipping on my coffee. Adam is at his practice. Once, he returns let the fun begin......or should I say dig in!
Another turkey note; Have I ever mentionned my first experience eating a deep fried turkey? It was at the Healy's this summer. Jamie fried a turkey outside and within 45 minutes it was complete! It was so delish... Hmmm... but then wouldn't deep fried ANYTHING be really good??! Even vegetables? I vote: pretty much yes. :)
Well, break is over. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
28 days till xmax :)


linda boudreau said...

Have a Happy ThanksGiving you two and all your friends xooxoxoxoxo
miss you big time.
Mom & Ray

linda boudreau said...

Hi again,
Can't beleive all the wild animals around your house . Lucky guys.

Your cooking looks mmm-mmm good as usual. You were always a good cook .We Boudreaus are always very proud of you .
It seems that, what your put your hands on, comes out right.

MIMI is cancer FREE.
What lovely xmas gift to all .

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
Looks delicious...wish I was there!! Have an awesome Thanksgiving and we'll talk soon. Get lots of super sale shopping done...make me proud!
Love you!