Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Morning Deer?!

This is what Adam and I woke up to this morning!!! Six very quiet deers in our backyard... We stood there amazed that they were so close and that there was so many. Unreal!!!

House update ~ We've been doing vitual tours of houses on internet and scoping out new listings. We found a few on the cutest little street that we are both very much interested in! But all-in-all, the house hunt continues to be both fun and exciting, while also a test of our patience. Since the house market has been on a rise in FL with short sales and foreclosures, we found that there are "snipers", like Adam & I would like to call them LOL, out there. Snipers, in our mind, are people who shoot offers in a flash at these housing opportunities. We are just so eager for the right fit to come along! But we are making an effort to enjoy the process as much as possible :)

Citizenship update ~ let the circle develop bumps haha jk. We are searching for a location around here that can do passport pictures....Canadian style! We've learnt that the picture dimensions for the US & Canada aren't the same so both Wal-Mart and the post office have refused to take them (c-r-a-z-y). We did however find a detour for the driver's license road block. YAY!!!
Tonight Adam is at his game (not playing) and I'm kick it on the couch and watch TV. Adam will get an update tonight after the game as to when he can start playing. Tomorrow perhaps?!
That's about it from here!


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on Adam's status! Hopefully he'll be playing soon. Can't wait to see the house you find...good luck with the search. I know you guys will find something perfect for you! Miss you tons and hope the application process is going well (a.k.a. speedy) so you can come visit soon.
Tracey & Aaron

linda said...
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