Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Latest

So... yeah. Life has been full and busy and good and challenging, and all the things in between! Adam's groin injury is wayyyy better. His trainer is thinking he will return to the line-up on Saturday or Sunday. Yahoo! He is eager to play however real happy that he took good care of recovering from the ligering problem.

Dual citizenship & green card update; we did a thousand more calls yesterday and only have a handful of not-so-significant baby steps done. The big stuff is still ahead! Getting my new license from New Brunswick = 'not-so-easy'. I need a new driver's license for my new passport but I need to present myself in person in Moncton, New Brunswick but I can't leave the U.S. -> are you following this?!?! Can you say i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e. So what now?? It's wild... Adam has been SO helpful. Thanks sweetie!! :)

To make life even that much fuller, we've found a few houses that we're interested in!!! Without going into tooooo much detail, because I don't want you all getting too emotionally attached (ha), Adam and I found some houses in Daytona Beach Florida that we really liked. Lots of late nights filled with big decisions :) :) Even if these particular houses don't work out (including the above house), it's been a great chance for us to learn how this all works... and have we ever learned some things! We are both pretty even-keel about it all. We trust that the right thing will happen. If it's not this house, that's okay! But it sure is a cute little charmer! I'll keep ya posted. Nutty, huh!?

Finally, I found a great recipe the other night. And not to get all Martha Stewart on you, but I sort of experimented with cooking tilapia and it came out scrumptiously... The secret ingredients: parmesan cheese, melted butter, fresh lemon juice, dried basil, onion salt, celery salt and ground black pepper covered the fillets w/ the mixture and broiled in the oven... Deeeelish.

Ok, so I better get back to my day. Forms, Forms, Forms!! Calls, Calls, Calls :)


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

You have to know everything will work out right! Long process, but all that worth it! You American Girl! hihi Gotta love French Canadians from NB!

So I have to know... need that great new recipe! Send it to me via email! :) Need all the help I can get. And Florida sounds good to me! Miss ya love ya! Jojo

linda said...

I see you guys have a lot of hard work ahead of you . Lots of phone calls , research ,waiting , choices etc.
Hope all goes well , can't wait to go see you .

Michelle and Michael said...

Hey Nic,
Don't forget that you have a connection at SNB who may be able to answer some of your questions!
They sure don't make it easy, aye?!
Miss you much,
Mich xo