Friday, August 8, 2008

Precious Smiles

While we were hanging out this past week, Adam asked me what I thought about going to visit kids in the oncology/hematology dept at the Nationwide Children's hospital. ...We'd just finished having a convo about "why we complain for the smallest things" and/or "take things for granted". I thought it was a fantastic idea! So, Adam came home after practice on Friday with a whole bunch of hockey pucks. It was a spontaneous venture that we were both not too confident about cuz it wasn't "pre-organized", but it turned out to be SO wonderful!! Adam delivered personalized pucks and the kids loved it. As I jabbered on and on to nurses over our visit about how we appreciate them letting us do this, I just felt this wave of gratitude come over me. We are so blessed to have such amazing things in our life....

Adam, Adam, Adam...he is amazing! Getting his hockey pucks organized and ready to hand them out.

The Blue Jackets created this room at Nationwide Children's Hospital for the families. The idea is to create an environment where leaving the comforts of home making this challenging time as comfortable as possible for them. As we were leaving, twelve years old Seth (diagnosed with lukemia) and his mom where on the couch watching some sort of cooking show together.

It was a friday afternoon so very well spent!

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