Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Potpourri Posting

Things are going good here in Columbus!! It's amazing how busy I feel and I've been despite not doing the 9 to 5 thing... What can I tell you - hmmm! Well, I "Craigslisted" for the first time ever today. I love this little corner of the web. You can find ANYTHING at all here. What brough me to visit this site is a, once again, search for a place to live. We are currently renting from. Blue Jackets, Ole Tollefsen and his fiance Guro who are spending their summer home in Oslo, Norway. They return to Columbus August 27th - I believe. It's not official yet but I think (cross my fingers) that Adam found a spot for the pending 20 days that we need a place to live!! This will mark our 4th time moving in 6 months :S I can fit all my stuff in two plastic bins and a gym bag. Pretty good, a?... While I am typing away at this blog, I'm uploading some of our wedding pictures to "". It's say the least! Think I might give up soon and upload more later. I have to type up a fancy schmancy review for our wedding coordinator. She would like to post it on the resort's website. I've been typing and typing but I'm not feeling it. I'm putting itty bitty parts of my time there! I am sooooo procrastinating on that one....Shhhht! I'm exploring to create our wedding albums, so far so good!! The more serious part of my day is spent making sure we are properly preparing for my application towards a dual citizenship and working visa. I should have studied that in school....geeze! All these forms and BIG words lol but we are learning and doing our best. Adam, on his end, has a gazillion hockey pamphets to sign. I tried to help him but that didn't work out well haha!

So... Here's a pic when we drove down to Indianapolis for a full day of Racing Extravaganza. In other words, like 12 hours of heat, fast cars, a glimpse of some B-list celebrities, AWESOME people watching, and Jimmie Johnson winning the race... my brother was in HEAVEN! Here is a picture of Adam and I "with the racetrack and cars behind us" (which WAS pretty incredible - faster than it looks on tv = scary to drive and do corners at 200mph!). We escaped once in a while in the a/c suite in an attempt not to get heatstroke haha. I must admit, it was pretty fun. Especially for my brother's "hero" to win :)
Well that's about it!! Have a good one...


Ms. Justice said...

Hi Monique Pineault!! :) Great post, I love hearing about you guys. I've been so busy with work, I haven't stopped to blog in a while.. but I do check yours regularly!! :)
You should check out 'Flickr' for photo hosting. They're pretty good AND they have a step by step guide on how to add the album to your blog on Blogger.
Webshots is also pretty good at uploading a bunch of pictures in not alot of time. I've never tried Shutterfly myself, but have had friends that use it.
Well, I must finish up some work and hit the hay! Have a great evening.. talk to you soon.
Love yah!!
Ang, xox

Ms. Justice said...

Where the heck did 'ms. justice' come from?!?! HAHAHA it's just me - Angele~!~ lol