Sunday, April 11, 2010

On their way to FINALS!!!

Adam's team won the semifinals and have earned a spot in the FINALS! The excitement on the bench. Woohoo!!
Dominik Hasek, who played with the Detroit Red Wings, is Pardubice's goaltender!
Can't make it without the fans and these fans ROCK!
My husband is pumped!!
HC Eaton Pardubice is a professional team in Czech Republic.
Once again, the dedicated fans! Finals are already sold out. Pardubice will play against Vitkovice. Hopefully they won't need to play all 7 games. I want my husband HOME :)
April 17, 18 ~ Home
April 21, 22 ~ Away


Meant to be a mom said...

Yay, congrats to your hubby and his team!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Go P-No!!! 4 in a row...then get your ass home!
T & A

Owen's Mom said...

Fingers crossed that they win it all (and fast) :)

Monique said...

Thanks girls! They start finals Saturday April 17th and I pray that they win 4 in a row so he can hurry home =)