Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Another great Easter!! No two years are the same for us. This year, unfortunately, Adam and I were apart. Boo! I spent the day with my family and friends here in Florida. Adam played and we watched online. They won!!

2009 ~ Adam and I were in Rockford, IL and spent the day with Shadow at the dog park! We also spent some time with Mr & Mrs Bales who were in town for the Holiday :)
2008 ~ Adam and I were in Syracuse, NY and cooked our 3rd Annual Hockey Turkey Dinner haha.. We had some players/girlfriends over for some home cooked goodies.
2007 ~ Adam and I were in Holyoke, MA. Adam was getting over an ankle injury. We spent Easter with his family and his friend Christian Gaudet. We enjoyed a yummy dinner!

We are all over the map, right...! Hope you all had a great Easter ♥

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Jolene Isabelle said...

Being all over the map is so fun Nik! :)