Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh no, not the vet!

Shadow's (16 months old) recent visit to Animal Clinic for her 1st yearly appointment. She got a check up, vaccination and a healthy bill of health!!
Shadow's (9 weeks old) very first time going to the veterinarian office.
The vet examination room at Animal Clinic.
Shadow sniffing another dog under the door haha!

It's my job as an owner to bring her to the vet but you can tell she's upset with me haha!!! So, I brought her to the dog park to play. She is giving me the evil eye lol!!!!


Meant to be a mom said...

Awe that must be so traumatizing to these poor dogs. I can imagine.
When we take our beagle Annie to the vet she comes home and pee's somewhere in the house (this is a majorly trained 5 year old dog). She just has to get back at us. It's funny but boy does it piss me off.

I'm glad your doggies vet visit went well though.

Jolene Isabelle said...

She grew! She seems to be a happy dog! She's lucky to have you guys! Miss you! xox