Friday, February 5, 2010


Keri Hilson
Kate Perry
Gemma Atherton
Malin Akerman
Taylor Momsen
Ashley Simpson
Marilyn Monroe
MermaidCindy Crawford
Nicole Richie
Kristin Cavallari

I had a great old time creating these quick and easy makeovers. The "Nicole Richie look" is the one I would pick haha!! Stay tuned for a make-up post :) Fun Fun Fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! What program did you use...I wanna try that for sure?!
Love T

Monique said...

Hi Tracey! I used It's pretty fun :) xo

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm gonna have to try it out.

Monique said...

Yes! Post pictures.. I wanna see :)

A Wedding Story said...

How fun! I have to try this!!

Anonymous said...

I tried it but I haven't figured out how to save the pics to my computer so I can post them where I won't let me right-click & did you get them to your blog?

The Wife said...

I like the Cindy Crawford!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Blond is fit the best on you I think

Monique said...

It was your site Kata that made me want to play with this website :) I'm sure I'll return to blond by the summer!!