Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Five Sweet Days!

Annnnnd.... I'm back! Valentine's Day was really special to me this year because Adam flew home from Czech Republic and we spent 5 days together. Actually, it was the best V-Day ever!! It felt wonderful to reconnect with one another after being apart for 3 months. We spent an evening with friends at a sushi restaurant which was super fun. But mostly hung out with our girl. Family walks along Venetian Bay trails with Shadow at an arm length. She's still in training and constantly tries to pull. Since Adam's internal clock was on Czech time, he got up so early ~ 4:30am. We took advantage of going to the beach early enough to see the gorgeous sunrise 4 days out of 5!!!! So thankful for our time together. Thank you for enduring this mushy post lol!!!! I love that guy so so much ♥


Anonymous said...

Awe!!! So happy you got 5 days together. You're in the home stretch now...before long you'll have your permit...and then he'll be back!!! Miss you tons & glad you had a great time...well deserved.
Love T

Patience said...

Yea! So glad you were able to spend 5 days with your husband. I love it even more than it was over Valentine's Day! Great pics.