Thursday, August 27, 2009


Shadow got a new collar today! It's kind of a scary story thought.... This morning, I took her outside and off she bolted after birds!!!!! SNAP went her collar. I was freakin'out! We have no fence and the road was right there. I could feel my heart racing but told myself to TRY and remain calm. Shadow is still a puppy and in training therefore she doesn't always listen to "come here". So, I outsmarted her and said "wanna go to the dog park" and she came running right back! Yaaaaay :) Hey, what ever works, right?!

This is what I rushed to go buy. A smart, spiffy black collar and also efficient for her training. Win/Win!!

p.s. They didn't have pink at the store Tracey LOL....


Anonymous said...

I can't believe poor Shadow still doesn't have a pink collar! I'm going to have to start searching for need to give me her size. Glad all is under control now. Miss you tons!!

Jim and June said...

It looks humid. Please send some heat North. We're freezing up here.

Ian & Jess said...

What a cutie!!!! Dogs are the best, but well trained dogs are even better :) Score on the collar!!!!