Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night, we stopped at Sonic for some food. It was my very first time going there and it was so yummy... incredible taste for fast-food!! I was with my girlfriends and I was the one driving. When I got my combo, I put my popcorn chicken & fries on my lap and off we went. As I was eating my meal, I heard a cop car?! Sure enough, he was pulling me over. He walked up to the window and saw my little display of food. 

Cop: "Mame, your vehicle swerved aside abruptly"
Me: "I was munching popcorn chicken and waited for my friend's last minute directions"
Cop: "haha okay, put the food away until you get home"
Me: "I will, sorry, have a good night"

The girls and I were laughing so hard. Yes, I did put the delicious food away. That was my first time at Sonic and I will always have that funny/scary story to share!


Jim and June said...

That cop must have been bored to death. Wonder where the Sonic in the pic is located. Looks like the Empire State Building in background. In NY? Nearest one to us is 240 miles south. (Just recently opened.)

Anonymous said...

I can just picture you now balancing the popcorn chicken on your lap...hehe. Glad to know the food is good, we'll have to go next time we visit.