Monday, August 24, 2009

Missing my hubby...

With the hockey season almost upon us, this is where Adam is getting ready for training camp ~ Boston University. Although we currently don't have a "home" yet, we know the time will come and are embracing uncertainty which is not always easy to do ;) 

I'm a huge fan of Big Brother 11 therefore it's been on my TV a lot. I use to watch the "BB After Dark" show for hours on end. But Adam and I downsized our Direct TV package to basic because we will be leaving for the hockey season soon and I lost Showtime 2 - BOO!!!! I really want Jeff or Jordan (above) to win. That would be the perfect combination ♡. 

I was with a group of friends at Outback Steakhouse on Saturday and something goofy happened to me. They told the waitress it was my birthday ~ totally not my birthday! When they brought out the cake, I started to laugh and felt my face getting red. Thank goodness it was late and that they didn't have enough staff to sing LOL.... Embarrassing!!

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