Thursday, December 25, 2008


It inspected! It inspected! This was our last big step... now it's just hurry up and wait for our closing date! It has only been 14 days... yes, 14 DAYS, since we made the offer on this house, and here we are... ready to go! The inspection had minor concerns that we will ask the bank to take care of but if they refuse, we are still in for the deal....shhhhhht (between us). There is 3 other offers in line for this house so a big risk to loose such a great deal. While it's not final until the keys are in our eager little paws, we sure feel like this is more real. Operation "decoration" is only weeks away now. We've got spirit and we're excited to take on this new adventure and make it our first home!

We had a whirlwind 48 hours (barely!) to spend in Florida. It was a perfect little trip... aside from some travel snafus that didn't dare get the best of us, and we just ate up the chance to get to spend time with our dear friends Kevin & Kristy!! They treated us to a fantastic seafood dinner on the water in Daytona Beach... Aunt Catfish's on the river ( is Kevin's cousin's restaurant. Simply delicious!!! We got to taste shark & alligator. It was a good Southern meal!! Thank you so much Kristy & Kevin xox
I snapped some pics and posted the album on our other blog. Enjoy!!
So, there you go...a little update. Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

I Love Love Love your house!!! CONGRATS!!! Well, I'll keep my excitement until you have the keys in your hands... but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you... and I'm planning my first trip up to visit you...hahaha!!!! I'm thinking April/May-ish! LOL
Congrats guys, what a fantastic and amazing Christmas Gift..... Can't wait to hear more about it.
P.S. The Red doesn't look so bad in your house.... but 1 week into it, you'll probably want to change it as bad as I did! hehe ;)
Love ya girl....
Angele, xoxox

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!! Can't wait for "Operation Decoration". Your mom and I have volunteered our services to go help you out...hehehe. Will keep our fingers crossed until everything is official and you have the keys but this is super awesome news. Now all we need is the first rounder!!
Love T & A