Friday, December 19, 2008

House Hunting!!

We found a house that we were super interested in, therefore last week we decided to draw up an offer and get the ball rolling with that. Ok, ok...All to say, we have an update on our venture to buy a house. We're engaged!!! haha Well, I should say we've taken it to the next level... and our offer on this little charmer was accepted, only a couple of days after we wrote it up! Like we kept saying... when it's right, it will be right! God's timing is SO much better than ours. If all goes well, we will close on January 23rd (yeah, like in 30 some days), and be on our way to Daytona Beach after the hockey season!!! Our heads are still spinning a bit, as this all happened lightning fast! We've booked our flights to go visit our hopefully-soon-to-be home and leave December 21st. We are soooo thrilled about this we've found yet. We are so thankful. Yipee!!!

Things are going good, though, and Team Pineault is working hard to make this work! I'll provide some "house stats" soon!!! Happy Fly-day :)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Team P-No!! Have a great trip to Daytona. Our fingers are crossed that everything works out like it should. deserve it!!
Keep us posted!
Love Tracey & Aaron

linda said...

We are also hoping that your wish will come true with GOD'S work of course.
May you enjoy this new home and continue to be very busy making each other very happy.
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

..That's GREAT News Monique!!! Good for you guys!! ..havin' a place to call "home sweet home" is gonna be another "sweet" blessing for ya's!!!
Have a Good n' Safe trip!! and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you both!!!

catch ya later :)


Anonymous said...

wow that's awesome! Hope everything works out well! ;) Can't wait to hear more news!
Happy Holidays to you both,
Sonia and Marc