Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Blog

Our Christmas Tree 08'

Ahhhh, finally a moment to catch up. We are having nice sunny skies here in Holyoke, MA this Christmas day!! Our first one together (married) and we crammed in lots of fun and traveling. We spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day with Adam's fam, and the rest of Christmas day and evening will be all about traveling back to Syracuse (listening to Christmas tunes, of course). It was a sweet past few days that was filled with non-stop activity and we were prettttty tuckered out by the end of it.
Tomorrow, back in our normal routine. Adam has a game away so I might take advantage of "the new black Friday". It's been so long since I bought any clothes, and dontcha just feel like a brand new person in a spiffy new shirt?

Well folks have wonderful Holiday!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you too!! I agree, a new outfit is definitely in order. Can't beat the sales this time of year. Have a safe trip back and a fun trip shopping. Talk to you soon!
Love Tracey