Saturday, July 28, 2012

Disney Fantasy Cruise ~ Sunday July 15th

Sunday July 15th was the Captain Tom's reception day and a day at sea. It was also the "Aladdin" musical!! Here's a pretty cool fact that was in our Navigator; The Disney Fantasy is longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (1063 feet). Almost 4 football fields in length.

The soda, juice and water station.

We made coasters!

Jim and Melissa.

Found some Minnie ears ;)

Trey and I did a cooking class at Anyone Can Cook. We learnt how to make the apple strudel from the dessert chef.

Animator's Palate Restaurant Entrance.

Walls full of drawings in black and white sketch.

This restaurant had like over 100 monitors that played during dinner. The star of the show was the sea turtle from Finding Nemo. He swam from on screen to another engaging kids in conversations with him. Pretty amazing!

We always sat at table 19.

Riley's drawing of Mickie Mouse. 

I love the butter knife.

Our table. Jim and Adam are holding plates with chocolate messages written on them. They were too full for dessert. So that's what they brought out. 

Riley and Adam.

Disney's Aladdin musical was spectacular. My best show onboard the Fantasy cruise.

Look what was on our TV in our room!!

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