Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Disney Fantasy Cruise ~ Saturday July 14th

The 1st day on the ship can be a little overwhelming. You don't know your way around the boat and you're not sure what to do in order not to miss anything. Every night, you got a personal navigator which is a 4 page guide on your bed while onboard. This made things easier. You could determine what to do the next day!

Our friends and their awesome boys!

The whole bunch with Minnie Mouse!

I had a picture taken in front of the Cinderella mural.

...and one with my girl Melissa

My husband's very first drink.

Setting sail on the Disney Fantasy was a blast!! We went up to the 11th deck to find lots of people, Disney characters, music and the first of many fun adventures. It was gorgeous sunny day and the "Sailing Away" party was perfect to kick off our cruise.

Our first night aboard the Disney Fantasy, we dined at the Royal Court. This restaurant was the one we went to the most. It gives you the atmosphere of Disney princesses... total royalty! 

Our little group for the week patiently waiting for the first dinner!

Royal Court restaurant gave you a palace-like experience. So elegant!

Trey and I.

Another scene from Cinderella along the wall.

Isn't this cute?! Folded napkins.

This sign was in the playroom. Made me think how fast the week will go by... Next thing you know, it will be Friday and it will be our last full day on the ship at Disney's private island ~ Castaway Cay.

Here is Riley playing the "Muppets Adventure Game" which is an interactive activity that begins at the detective agency and takes you on a journey throughout the ship. Simply using a ship map, instructions and game card to unveil clues and find missing props. Riley was able to solve the crime!

Before anyone dines at any restaurant on board, all guests are greeted outside the restaurant doors by a "smiling and happy" face holding sanitizing hand wipes. Disney doesn't want anyone to eat with dirty hands and potentially spread any diseases. I can tell you that i appreciated the wipes!!

The Cabanas restaurant was a wrap-around buffet on deck 11. The food at this restaurant varied depending on the time of day. I ate there only once. I stayed away from where lots of people could have access to the food. Even though I'm well passed my 100 day post bone marrow transplant at day 282, I will take every step necessary not to catch anything.

Cabanas restaurant had these real nice Disney sand castles made of sand.

Different view from the 11th deck.

The ice cream station; strawberry, banana, chocolate, vanilla, twist, etc..

Dumbo who is featured on the stern of the Disney Fantasy Cruise.

How cute is this Sleepy chocolate that we got every night on our bed?!

We had different Disney towel shape each evening... here's a monkey hanging from the drapes.

Evening sunset from our balcony! Ahhh.....

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