Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Birthday!

My Birthday "cake" -> Cookie Dough Flautas!!!! So yummy...! It's chocolate chip cookie dough loaded into a flour tortilla, lightly fried & topped with powdered sugar with a side of chocolate syrup. Heaven :)

Happy Birthday to ME! Isn't that what being on internet is all about.... Self acknowledgement ha ha! I am so thankful for my husband, family & friends who made this day a blast. THANK YOU!! We celebrated at Tijuana Flats. It was the perfect location for the kids to be kids!

I gotta tell you about my surprise. Like you know, my darling husband is in Czech Republic so needless to say, he couldn't join us :( However, he did organize for my parents to pick up my present which he purchased back in Canada and have it brought down with them. I was SO surprised!!!! He bought me a ring with his birthstone in it ~ Emerald. It's gorgeous!! Thank you sweetie ♥

I'm sure you can guess what I wished for when I blew out my candles.....

Life's a Charm!


Natasha said...

That dessert for your birthday looks incredible!!! Happy Birthday and hope you have a great one =)

Annie said...

sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!! :)
what a sweet man you have!
and that "cake" sounds delicious!!!

The Wife said...

Looks like you had a blast! That dessert looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Very glad you had a good day, wish I was there!!
Love T