Friday, October 9, 2009

It's fun, challenging, relaxing... It's golf!

An evening spent in a joyful round of golf!!! While my husband was enjoying the last few hours of golf, I had fun taking pictures and eating sunflower seeds! Adam played the back nine first... We got to one of the hardest holes on the course and he hit a super solid shot then BANG!!!! He hit a house! "Oups, my bad": he said. Good thing it was the roof and not a window.

It was a peaceful setting ♥


Annie said...

snakes! scary!!

looks and sounds like you two had a great time, looks so nice!
it's 40 degress in MN! brrrr!

Anonymous said... could he possibly golf with that sign saying beware of poisonous snakes...yikes!!! Glad I didn't see any snakes when we were there...or the sign for that matter..hehe.
Miss you tons!!

Courtney said...

You're a brave wife for golfing! I hate the spot and make my husband go with his friends.