Thursday, April 9, 2009

Power on!

I'm baaaaaack! I've been without power for the last few days due to a little boo-boo that our apartment complex did.. But it's all good now! I find it real crazy how out of touch I felt without internet and cable?! Is that a bad thing? Adam and I couldn't watch the premier of our favorite show "Rescue Me"...couldn't check email, facebook, twitter. Also, I missed "Dancing with the Stars". I wonder who got eliminated from the competition? I know, I know!! Craaaaaazy :) But on the flip side, it was fun and I must say relaxing!

Well... Our little girl Shadow is now a BIG girl. She got her rabies shot last week. Here she is at the vet clinic, waiting. At 20 weeks, she weighed in a whooooping 47 lbs!!!!! She's doing wonderful and loosing teeth left and right haha... It's her graduation tonight at Pet Smart! She did 100% on her report card....yay!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are back to the real world...we missed you. Way to go Shadow.
T & A