Saturday, April 11, 2009

B-day Greetings!

Happy birthday to my looooooong time friend Andrée!!! I met her years and years ago when my dad got a transfer from Montreal to Richibucto, New Brunswick. We were in grade 2! Andrée would make me talk endlessly because she enjoyed my "Quebec accent" haha! She is one of my favorite sing-in-the-car friend..... and sing-in-the-school-bus (which we would get in trouble). Ohhh, the concerts we'd have. The harmonies (ha!). You know you've found a good friend when you can let go of all inhibitions and belt your heart out to old school Tiffany ~ "I think we're alone now"....1987. Although, the best was when we thought we were in "Dirty Dancing"....or even better "Grease"! What great times... Andrée, wishing you are wonderful day! I'm sure your lovely family spoiled you ;) xo

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bday wishes Mon! Wasn't exactly the relaxing day I was looking forward to..., but that's to spend it with my little fam :D.

Hope all is well with you, Adam and your new pup! Any news on when you'll be able to come down to NB to visit again?

Happy Belated Easter...

Andrée xoxo