Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hockey Contract

One of the biggest, most exciting events around here lately... My husband's official hockey contract!! After a year of staying by my side day and night while I beat leukemia and went through a bone marrow transplant, Adam's been signed as one of the Allen Americans players. It was an exciting day, to see the culmination of such a challenging year and the start of a brand new one. We hooped and hollered as we soaked up the good news!!! God is good...bringing us to this point after such a twisty road of unknowns. I'm so proud of my husband for helping me through every turn. Such an amazing guy and talented hockey player!

Now, we prepare to make the transition. It will be very different settling into life in Texas but we're pumped (YAY!). We got our hands on the schedule and are gearing up for the season opener which is on October 20th. Feeling super thankful for this upcoming season...

This is where I will be watching my honey play. We are grateful to be back into the swing of things with hockey and be TOGETHER. We've gotten a few great little nuggets of hangout time with some of our friends over the summer, who we've been missing so much during our time in Canada. So great to laugh and catch up!! As we leave our home and Florida, they will need to come visit us "in-Texas-baby"!

Well, that about covers it!

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