Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ok, I'm managing to get a couple of posts up of pictures that I took lately... Yes, I'm behind! Still LOTS more to come, but hopefully now at least you all can see what I see everyday...

These lovely 4 yrs old twins (Riley & Clayton) are my friends Melissa & Ian's kids. They are so adorable! This was taken the day before Adam left for Czech Republic. Clayton was very upset that "Mister Adam" was leaving. It was fun to see the twins give Adam HUGE hugs :)

My friend Kim, who lives a skip and a hop away from my house, had a yard sale. It was a community event and all her neighbors were doing the same. Kim's daughter, Peyton also 4 yrs old, set up her cute lemonade stand which she called "Yumm-a-lade Stand"!

I met my friend Kristy (who use to work for Nascar) for lunch and we had a delicious meal at Aunt Catfish. It was fun to hangout with her little monkey Keaton. Look at those sweet cheeks!! It was so great to get that time to really sit and cover the stuff that's going on in our lives. I love those talks :) They are my favorites!

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